How to Care for Your Carvings

Care instructions

The main thing to do with your carving is to keep it off the foor so the air can get under. Keep it well oiled so it has that gloss look this will help against cracks in the wood as it is a natural product try not get to upset if you do get a few splits.

The best thing to do with your carving to help prevent splits is to keep your carving out of the full sun in the summer and any really windy spots. If you do get a split the best thing is to keep soaking the oil in to the split and oil carving all over. You can also put your carving in a bucket of water for a week or so and this might swell the split up then oil again a few times.

Best time this works is when the carving has been left for a while and lost its glossy sealed look about it. If you do get a big crack where you can get your finger in to it and its in the face or a area which concerns you give me a ring and i will fix the carving. Thanks for buying my carving. contact 07540759504

Oil i recommend is, Rustins clear decking oil.