How to Care for Your Carvings

Care instructions

The best way to look after your carving is to keep the wood sealed by stopping moisture from getting into the dry wood. If you don’t seal the wood what happens is the wood will swell with moisture then shrink and crack when sun comes out. So best time to oil is in spring time when it starts warming up, you then do it again in summer when the sun is hotter that always helps at the end of summer to give it a good seal for the winter time to stop moisture getting in. It’s always good to keep an eye out when weather gets warmer for any tiny splits if you see one starting to appear apply lots of oil to it.    


If you keep your carving inside make sure it has lots of oil, for example, three to four coats.

Don’t have it on South facing window or next to log fire or radiator . When It first goes into the house keep a close eye on it have oil ready to hand if you do see split starting, give it another oil and lots inside the split that should stop it. 


Buying a carving roadside with no oil in winter so the oil I have given you with the carving needs to be applied soon as possible if you have not got time just leave it in cold shed for few weeks but best to try oil once before leaving it. It will need a good three to four coats make sure its dry in-between coats and there are not drips gathering on the carving or base. You can bring the carving in the warm to make oil set alot faster just make sure you get it all done in few days so u don’t get a little split when it’s not oiled because it’s in the warm. Don’t leave your carving in the house with no oil it will split… 


The oil I am using is called “Clear Liberon Decking Oil”, instructoins on application can be found on the product page on the link below:

Wood is natural and when it’s shaped,  not a plank,  it does tend to find a stress point time to time and split so don’t worry it won’t split in half.

 If you need any help don’t hesitate to ring me.