Wood Carving Commissions

Popular Tree

Popular tree with a foot of concrete in the middle, still manage to complete in a day.

Redwood Skiing Man

This commission was taken for a crazy golf company in Norfolk. Skiing man carved from Redwood.

Aviva Stadium Football Ground

This commission was carved for a crazy golf company in London

This one was carved to allow a ball to pass through in a perspex tube out the other side.

Tree Seat

This was an old cypress tree, a day later it’s now a seat to be enjoy.

Old Boat Turned Into Replica

I was given some old oak from a Thames sailing boat that had set on fire and sank in Blakeney Quay (Norfolk) nearly a hundred years ago. 
With it I carved a bench from the oak, with a Thames sailing barge on one end.

Lynn klin

This piece is based off a Lynn Kiln excavated in Chelmsford (the same site where I carved Henry VIII). The kiln itself was unearthed but had to remain underground in order to preserve it, but they wanted to have something in order to educate the public.

They called me down in order to carve a replica out of a big oak tree. It was my most challenging carving yet, made from an oak tree and a chainsaw

Kelsale, Suffolk

This piece is a wildlife protection bench on which I carved all sorts of creatures from hedgehogs, to ladybirds, to earwigs. This was a fantastic carving made from a challenging piece of cedar sourced in Saxmundham. The community was so delighted by my work that they asked me to come back and carve the rest of the cedar into a rabbit bench. As well as two lovely badgers who were for their Youth Football team as their mascots.

Henry vIII

This was carved in Chelmsford, Essex in Henry VIII’s old former deer park. The tree was possibly an acorn when he was alive. What a great way to use the wood they take out better than wood chipper.

Old oak turned to olympic trophy

This fantastic piece was carved out of an old oak tree that had been presented to a gold medal winner from the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games by none other than Adolf Hitler. The tree itself was hit by lightning and so I turned it into the sailing boat in which the athletes won the event. This historically significant oak tree has now become a lovely piece dedicated to those athletes.

Jaguar and Turtle Amazona Zoo

The Tortoise and the Jaguar Bench call Amazona Zoo in Cromer their home. Thousands of families and children have enjoyed these pieces. Carvings can really bring a place to life in an outdoors based business.

Wooden Wallace

This telegraph pole was already in the wood before starting so it’s now a pencil in Wallace mouth looking out at the Norfolk Broads.